Streamline checkpoint output with OpSEM

Inefficient screening processes can lead to significant delays at security and customs inspection. Improve communication and productivity among screener personnel with OpSEM.

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Customs and security inspection

OpSEM enables security and customs officers to carry out physical searches away from the scanning operation using pre-analysed X-ray images. The OpSEM workstation provides information about the reason for search and the area of concern, displayed on the X-ray scan. Screeners and searchers are able to work in tandem, at any distance.

Streamlining and improving the operation

OpSEM enables screeners and searchers to work in tandem, at any distance, through intelligent queuing of trays and two touch screen monitors.

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The screener marks the area of concern and selects a search reason from a predefined list of threat and prohibited items as well as operational instructions. The searcher then carries out the physical inspection of the scanned item based on the screener’s indications and reports their findings via the OpSEM workstation. All performance data as well as all X-ray images are stored in the system and are available for analysis and remedial training.

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OpSEM applications

Checkpoints and HBS (Hold Baggage Screening) operations at airports Customs inspection points Maritime screening operations Training centres for screeners During on the job training

OpSEM benefits


Seamless integration with existing X-Ray inspection systems – OpSEM can be integrated with all scanner types. Fully integrated with OpeReady (Compliance management system) and Simfox (CBT for X-ray).

Improving passenger experience

The optimisation achieved by OpSEM shortens the time passengers are spending in the checkpoint, allowing them to spend more time at the airport’s commercial area.

Manage remote screening

OpSEM offers the possibility for introducing remote screening operations by allowing the searcher/screener to operate at a distance.

Monitoring and improving checkpoint throughput

Improve communication, and identify operational detection deficiencies among checkpoint personnel. Reduce the time spent on physical search.

Measure screener’s performance

Based on feedback provided by the searcher OpSEM calculates screener’s false alarm rates and indicates if remedial training is required.

Create a checkpoint simulation

The use of OpSEM allows screeners to practice detection and search and be certified away from the checkpoint lanes by simulating an operational screening environment.

Simfox Gear

Simfox Gear is the ultimate training tool that shortens the new screeners’ qualification and specialisation period.

What is Simfox Gear?

Integration between OpSEM and Simfox (CBT for X-ray). OpSEM is recording the screener's detection rates based on the feedback received from the searcher on each image rejected for physical inspection. A dedicated module in Simfox receives these results and automatically generates customised training sessions using operational imagery stored in OpSEM or alternatively using images from the Simfox library. Training based on operational performance data, is the most effective way to improve novice screeners’ image interpretation skills.

Improve screener performance with OpSEM

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