Maintaining workplace readiness and employee compliance

Workforce readiness is a term referring to the preparation of individuals to enter and succeed in the workforce. It involves skills, knowledge, and attributes that enable individuals to navigate the job market effectively, perform well in their roles, and adapt … Read More

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compliance management best practices

Simplifying Compliance Management

Managing a large team of specialist personnel who may require licenses and regulatory training can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with regulations and workplace readiness, compliance tracking, and maintaining quality assurance. However, there are strategies you … Read More

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Maritime Compliance Management (made easy)

Cruise ship security is, in many ways a more complex operation than one might suspect. It includes access control (entry and exit), x-ray screening machines, walk-through metal detectors, explosive / drug trace detectors, pat-down searches, wanding and so the list … Read More

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performance management

How technology can help employee performance management

Employee engagement is a crucial metric used to measure the overall productivity of any organization. Most of the time humans do it. With all due respect for the HR personnel evaluating the productivity of any given organization, the process occasionally … Read More

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transport security

Threats to transport security and how to prevent them

Transport security is the industry responsible for securing the transportation system and its passengers from potential threats. The transport security industry is in constant development and the new technologies and techniques being implemented are changing the way we view the … Read More

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vulnerability management

Vulnerability management software – importance in the current cybersecurity context

Vulnerability management software helps organisations and individuals identify, manage, and remediate vulnerabilities in their networks and systems. The software can be used by IT administrators, security professionals, system administrators, and the general public for personal use or business use. OpeReady … Read More

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NTA purchased Opeready

NTA purchase OpeReady

The Security Division of NTA purchased OpeReady in February 2022 and has been using it ever since to manage all the training and compliance monitoring of their armed guards and security officers.  NTA is a leading organisation in the revolution … Read More

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compliance management

Compliance management and its effects on your company’s bottom line

Compliance management is a process of ensuring that organizations fully comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards. This includes everything from ensuring that the company has the proper licenses to operating within a legal and ethical framework. Compliance management … Read More

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Threat image projection

How AI-powered Threat Image Projection for X-ray Scanners are Revolutionizing the Global Aviation Industry

Threat Image Projection (TIP) for X-ray Scanners  Threat Image Projection is a software program which is either included or activated when X-ray machines are purchased from the manufacturer. The software is used in two main ways and in most cases … Read More

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rescue services

Fire Fighter and Rescue Services – keep the staff up to date with OpeReady

OpeReady assists managers of emergency services to implement the two critical elements of their responsibilities: keeping staff members up to date with all training and qualification requirements managing and monitoring high maintenance standards for operational equipment Rescue services are responsible … Read More

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Emergency response training

Benefits of emergency response training

Emergency response training is an important part of disaster management. It helps increase awareness about how to react, what to do, and how to manage emergencies. The benefits of emergency response training include increased preparedness, a better quality of life … Read More

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Rescue and Fire Fighting Services

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services – the advantages of security courses

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) is also known as Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and, on occasion, Crash Fire Rescue (CFR). In all situations, these words relate to the rescue and firefighting services offered at an airport that … Read More

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security training courses

The benefits of implementing security training courses for regulatory bodies

Security training courses are a vital step towards preventing the breach of sensitive information. These courses are crucial for regulatory bodies to ensure that their employees remain secure and protected. There is a need to create more awareness about the … Read More

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security trainings in aviation

The importance of implementing security trainings in aviation

Regulators of the aviation industry emphasise the need to implement comprehensive training and quality assurance programmes to maintain a high standard of the workforce’s performance. OpeReady allows you to meet regulatory requirements by monitoring compliance and the qualification status of … Read More

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SAMS of OpeReady

SAMS – An Innovative Screener Accreditation Management System

OpeReady Systems’ latest developed – a hybrid software platform, SAMS (ScreenerAccreditation Management System)   The platform combines OpeReady’s compliance management facility with the X-ray & CT image interpretation testing capabilities of the Simfox Simulator. The first customer to procure the … Read More

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T.I.P. results monitoring

T.I.P. Results to be Monitored: Are you Ready?

All Airports and Cargo/Mail companies throughout the EU will soon be required to provide records of their screener’s T.I.P. (Threat Image Projection) results to their local governing bodies.
Screeners that have not been tested on a certain amount of T.I.P. images within a set period or have not correctly identified enough virtual images will need to undergo adaptive training to improve their weaknesses.
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Efficient Security - OpSEM

OpSEM – Create an Efficient Security and Custom Checkpoint

The ever increasing threat posed by terrorism has forced many high security establishments to tighten up security checkpoints. This puts even more pressure on security managers as they are forced to balance the need to maintain a high throughput whilst maintaining high levels of security. … Read More

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OpeReady team

Disney Cruise Line Purchases OpeReady

Disney Cruise Line personnel have been provided with a 3-day OpeReady
(Operational Readiness and Compliance Management) Training Course by Renful in
London. … Read More

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Opeready for ASUR

OpeReady installed for ASUR Personnel at Cancun International Airport

Operated by ASUR, Cancun International Airport has become the first airport in Mexico to deploy OpeReady (Operational Readiness and Compliance Management). Security staff at the airport are trained and tested with the Simfox X-Ray Training Simulator on a monthly basis, … Read More

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monitor security compliance

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Opeready To Monitor Security Compliance

OpeReady is an Operational Compliance System that is used to monitor and control the operational compliance of employees and equipment. It provides a much simpler and more efficient alternative to excel files by storing, analysing and displaying all information relating to an employee’s compliance in one centralised place. … Read More

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