Are Quality Assurance Programs necessary?

Efficient and effective security operations in airports and maritime facilities rely on quality assurance programs, which consist of processes, protocols, and standards that guarantee consistent performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Regulatory Compliance: Airport and maritime security operations are subject … Read More

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operational compliance management system

Into the Breach

Airport security is a vital aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. However, as the recent security breaches at airports have shown, gaps and vulnerabilities can still be exploited. While no statistics are available, it is reasonable … Read More

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Record Keeping Benefits

In regulated industries like aviation and maritime facilities, it is crucial to keep accurate training and maintenance records for various reasons. Firstly, governing bodies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration and International Maritime Organization, impose strict regulations that mandate the … Read More

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Monitoring Security Checkpoint Efficiency: Key Considerations and Practices

In today’s interconnected world, the safety and security of individuals in various settings is paramount. Security checkpoints protect public areas, transportation hubs, and other high-risk zones. We must monitor security checkpoint efficiency through personnel training, technology integration, and data analysis … Read More

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Compliance Management Made Easy

Effective record management in any regulated organisation or business sector demands the utmost attention from managers to ensure that standards are met and exceeded. This is the primary goal of quality assurance. Organisations of all sizes must have a system … Read More

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Newcastle Airport Purchases OpeReady

We’re proud to announce that Newcastle Airport has chosen OpeReady for its operational compliance management system. OpeReady makes it easy for Security Managers to monitor and control the compliance level of employees, units, and equipment in real-time, ensuring a smooth … Read More

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Maintaining workplace readiness and employee compliance

Workforce readiness is a term referring to the preparation of individuals to enter and succeed in the workforce. It involves skills, knowledge, and attributes that enable individuals to navigate the job market effectively, perform well in their roles, and adapt … Read More

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Simplifying Compliance Management

Managing a large team of specialist personnel who may require licenses and regulatory training can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with regulations and workplace readiness, compliance tracking, and maintaining quality assurance. However, there are strategies you … Read More

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Maritime Compliance Management (made easy)

Cruise ship security is, in many ways a more complex operation than one might suspect. It includes access control (entry and exit), x-ray screening machines, walk-through metal detectors, explosive / drug trace detectors, pat-down searches, wanding and so the list … Read More

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How technology can help employee performance management

Employee engagement is a crucial metric used to measure the overall productivity of any organization. Most of the time humans do it. With all due respect for the HR personnel evaluating the productivity of any given organization, the process occasionally … Read More

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