Compliance management

Compliance management and its effects on your company’s bottom line

Compliance management is a process of ensuring that organizations are in full compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards. It includes everything from ensuring that the company has the proper licenses to operating within a legal and ethical framework. … Read More

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Threat image projection

How AI-powered Threat Image Projection for X-ray Scanners are Revolutionizing the Global Aviation Industry

Threat Image Projection (TIP) for X-ray Scanners is a revolutionary technology that changes the way security workers do their jobs. The TIP can identify threats in the form of guns, explosives, and knives in even the most densely packed suitcases. … Read More

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Rescue and Fire Fighter Services – keep the staff up-to-date with OpeReady

OpeReady assists managers of emergency services to implement the two critical elements of their responsibilities: • keeping staff members up to date with all training requirements and qualified at all times;• managing and monitoring operational equipment with high maintenance standards. … Read More

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The necessity of implementing security training for coast guards in the UK

The Coast Guard is a federal agency responsible for the safety and security of the United Kingdom’s maritime borders. They work tirelessly to keep the country safe from terrorism and illegal immigration. Because of this breadth of responsibilities, they must … Read More

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Emergency response training

Benefits of emergency response training

Emergency response training is an important part of managing disasters. It helps increase awareness about how to react, what to do, and how to handle emergencies. The benefits of emergency response training include increased preparedness, a better quality of life … Read More

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Rescue and Fire Fighting Services – the advantages of security courses

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) is also known as Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and, on occasion, Crash Fire Rescue (CFR). In all situations, these words relate to the rescue and fire fighting services offered at an airport … Read More

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The benefits of implementing security training courses for regulatory bodies

Security training courses are a vital step towards preventing the breach of sensitive information. These courses are crucial for regulatory bodies as they ensure that their employees remain secure and protected. Today, there is a need to create more awareness … Read More

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The role of police and special forces in cyber security

The police and special forces are the first responders to any cyber-attack. They hold the responsibility to identify, investigate, and mitigate threats to national security. The job of a police officer is becoming more and more difficult due to the … Read More

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security trainings in aviation

The importance of implementing security trainings in aviation

Regulators of the aviation industry emphasise the need for implementing comprehensive training and quality assurance programme in order to maintain a high standard of the workforce’s performance. OpeReady allows you to meet regulatory requirements by monitoring compliance and the qualification … Read More

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SAMS of OpeReady

SAMS – An Innovative Screener Accreditation Management System

OpeReady Systems’ latest developed – a hybrid software platform, SAMS (ScreenerAccreditation Management System) The platform combines OpeReady’s compliance management facility with X-ray & CT image interpretation testing capabilities of the Simfox Simulator. The first customer to procure the innovative hybrid … Read More

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