OpeReady modules

Compliance monitoring

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OpeReady modules

Schedule & manage trainings

Meet all training and quality assurance requirements, ensuring overall compliance and readiness levels.

Monitor compliance statuses

Be independent in defining the compliance parameters particular to your organisation. Monitor them accordingly and get automatic alerts about exceptions.

Manage OJT (On The Job Training) and more

Schedule and manage all training required for each job role, monitor each employee’s certification status, administrative task records and receive automatic alerts about exceptions.

Manage the lifecycle of your workforce

Comprehensive data storage for information obtained from different sources allows easy management of the entire lifecycle of your workforce.

Be updated about certification statuses and more

Monitor the certification status, administrative tasks, sending automated alerts about exceptions.

Managing maintenance

Monitoring the compliance status of your operational equipment.

Customised reports

Monitor the compliance status (of individuals and/or units) for the training, qualification and requalification process defined by the regulator bodies. Receive detailed automatic alerts about exceptions.

Explore performance trends

Identify performance weaknesses by revealing trends of individual employees, units, organisation and compliance status and plan remedial training accordingly.

Versatile file export

Export data directly to all common file formats.

HR Module

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HR module from OpeReady

OpeReady is designed to hold employee information required by the organisation in addition to training records, allowing to store all data in one centralised place.

  • General information about the employee
  • Uploading documents and images
  • Record all employment, job, and unit history
  • Query the data held in OpeReady through a variety of reports

Special security modules

TIP (Threat Image Projection)

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TIP Compliance

Evaluation of TIP performance of individual screeners in aviation is recommended by regulators.
According to these recommendations, screeners who fail the TIP evaluation shall undergo training adapted to their detection deficiencies, followed by a standardised image interpretation test. The re-training shall be satisfactorily completed before the end of the following evaluation period.

Automatic file processing

OpeReady is automatically processing the raw TIP data downloaded from security X-ray scanners.

Low performance alerts

Receive automatic alerts about low TIP performance.

Visual data presentation

Present overall or focused results (per specific month, year, employee, unit, etc) via reports and interactive graphical dashboards.

Monitor TIP results

Identify weaknesses in individual and overall TIP results.

Remedial training

Compare TIP scores with CBT results, identify insufficient detection performance for focused remedial training.

Simfox (Security X-ray CBT)

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Automatic data transfer

Transfer training and test results from selected X-ray CBT systems, such as the Simfox Simulator, directly to employee’s personal files.

Smart data visualisation

Display and analyse CBT results with an interactive data visualisation tool.

Low performance alerts

Receive automatic e-mail alerts about low performance.

Asset management

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Meet regulatory requirements

Maintaining and updating certain equipment in most cases is not just a necessity but also a regulatory requirement.

Manage equipment lifecycle

Manage and monitor the whole lifecycle of the equipment, log faults and schedule preventive maintenance.

Automatic alerts about maintenance and faults

Receive automatic emails regarding maintenance exceptions and fault reports.

Easy reporting via mobile

Report equipment inspections, maintenance reports and faults via mobile devices.

Mobile assessment and reporting tool

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OpeReady dashboard

Replace paper forms

OpeReady mobile application facilitates paperless recording of workplace assessments, auditing activities and real life incidents.

Custom forms and KPI’s

Design your own evaluation forms, define KPIs and performance levels.

Simplified reporting process

Upload completed forms directly to employees’ personal files including any evidence (photos, videos), remarks and signatures.

Online/Offline capability

Complete forms with or without internet connection.

View compliance status

Filter employees by compliance status, prioritising those in need of immediate attention.

Read and Sign module

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Efficient information distribution

Keep track of the distribution of any new information. Easily assign each employee the materials they need to be made aware of.

See if you got the message across

Communicate updates, new procedures, circulars, etc. with employees just with a few clicks and be notified when these have not been read by certain employees by the deadline.

Reporting and Analytic module

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Display and share visualised data

Turn large quantities of data into easily understandable charts, dashboards and tailored reports, all ready to be exported and shared.

Track all activities

Track and analyse all aspects of your training, quality assurance and operational activities to conclude lessons on how to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Evaluate performance

Evaluate operational training performance and assessment results of individuals, teams, units and the whole organisation.

Report generator

Generate built-in and customised reports, including training and task scheduling, HR and equipment maintenance reports. Download to Excel, Pdf and Word formats.

Identify weak points

Identify training and performance weaknesses and implement remedial actions.

Excel file support

Upload, display and analyse data from external sources.

OpeReady LMS

Coming soon…