7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Opeready To Monitor Security Compliance

monitor security compliance

Monitor Security Compliance with Opeready

OpeReady is an Operational Compliance System that is used to monitor and control the operational compliance of employees and equipment. It provides a much simpler and more efficient alternative to excel files by storing, analysing and displaying all information relating to an employee’s compliance in one centralised place.

Managers are able to use OpeReady to quickly identify when any member of their workforce is or is about to become, non-compliant.  Tasks can then be scheduled in order to ensure all staff remain compliant with regulations.

How OpeReady works

  1. Schedule compliance tasks

OpeReady provides a simple reporting system that will enable you to identify employees that are, or are near to becoming, non-compliant.

In fact, you can set up OpeReady so that it sends you an email or SMS to alert you if compliance levels for certain tasks are not met. This will help you plan your employees’ training schedules to ensure they never fall below the compliance levels expected of them from your own internal policies and those of your organisation’s regulatory body.

  1. Monitor Staff throughout Career

OpeReady helps monitor and schedule staff compliance tasks at all stages of their employment; Recruitment (e.g. Criminal Record Check), Basic Training (e.g. National X-Ray Competency Check), On the Job Training, Supplementary Training (e.g. Customer Service Training) and Recurrent Training (e.g. 6×6, T.I.P., Drills).

  1. Full Centralised View of Compliance Status

Gone are the days of having to share and update complicated excel files. OpeReady stores all your employee data and files in one easy-to-access central storage.

This makes the filing and retrieving of vital information quick and easy to manage, in addition to reducing the risk of error.

  1. Easily Monitor T.I.P. Data

T.I.P. results can be quickly imported into OpeReady where they are analysed and displayed within performance graphs and reports.

OpeReady monitors TIP data and alerts supervisors when they are performing below the acceptable level required for compliance. This enables supervisors to schedule more T.I.P. exposure for the affected security personnel.

  1. Reliable and Secure

We know how important your data is, and we do everything we can to ensure that both the OpeReady system and our internal policies and procedures are as watertight as possible.

We use SSL encryption to protect information as it travels between your browser and OpeReady.

Snapshot backups are performed every 24 hours and data can be quickly restored in order to reduce delays.

  1. It was developed with security in mind

OpeReady Systems was established in partnership between security professionals and IT professionals.

This mix has enabled us to build a powerful, security-focused, configurable software solution that is extremely user-friendly and cost-effective, regardless of the size of your organisation.

  1. We’re offering a Free Trial

Changing the way your organisation’s managers monitor security compliance can sometimes seem daunting and risky. However, we are so confident that OpeReady can make a huge difference to the efficiency of any organisation that we are making it available on a free trial for 3 months.

The trial is available to any organisation and includes training and help with the implementation of the system.

If after the trial you decide that you like OpeReady, we will provide you with further training and assistance with the full configuration of the system. If you decide that OpeReady is not right for your organisation, you are free to cancel the trial at any time without charge.

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