Compliance Management Made Easy

Effective record management in any regulated organisation or business sector demands the utmost attention from managers to ensure that standards are met and exceeded. This is the primary goal of quality assurance. Organisations of all sizes must have a system for compliance management and quality assurance oversight.

Quality assurance (QA) refers to systematic activities and processes to ensure that products, services, or operations meet specified quality standards and fulfill customer requirements. In regulated industries like airports, cargo terminals, and cruise ship terminals, QA plays a vital role in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring operations’ safety, security, and efficiency.

These industries are subject to various regulations and standards imposed by regulatory bodies such as airport authorities, customs agencies, and maritime organisations. QA ensures that employees comply with these regulations, including safety, security, environmental, and operational guidelines. It involves monitoring employee practices, processes, and procedures to ensure adherence to the applicable rules.

QA programs focus on employee training and certification to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies required for their roles. Workforce readiness initiatives include training programs that cover safety protocols, security procedures, hazardous material handling, customer service, and regulatory compliance. QA verifies that employees receive appropriate training and maintain valid certifications to comply with industry regulations.

There is great emphasis on proper document control systems to manage documents such as manuals, policies, procedures, and regulations. These documents are regularly reviewed, updated, and distributed to employees to ensure they can access current information. Adherence to document control procedures ensures that employees are aware of and comply with the latest regulatory requirements. QA ensures that employees are trained on these procedures, follow them accurately, and keep proper records to demonstrate compliance during audits or inspections.

Regular audits and inspections assess compliance with regulations and internal quality standards. Audits may be conducted by internal or external parties to evaluate employee practices, infrastructure, equipment, safety measures, security protocols, and operational processes. Compliance with regulations, including employee adherence to guidelines and procedures, is crucial during audits. Identified non-compliance issues are addressed through corrective actions.

Incident management and investigation involve Quality Assurance as well. Accidents, security breaches, or non-compliance issues must be appropriately handled, investigated, and reported in regulated industries. QA processes include compliance tracking, which aids in identifying root causes, implementing corrective actions, and preventing future incidents. This ensures that employees comply with regulations and adhere to industry best practices.

It also involves fostering a culture of continuous improvement in regulated security industries. It consists of analysing performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing corrective actions to enhance compliance and security effectiveness. Regular reviews of processes, employee feedback, and industry updates help drive ongoing improvement efforts.

OpeReady, developed by OpeReady Systems, is an all-in-one compliance management system that allows security managers to monitor the compliance levels of departments and employees in real time. It rates an organisation’s compliance level against industry-specific, customised rules and visualises data in an easily interpreted manner. This helps organisations identify areas of non-compliance and take corrective action to ensure that they comply with industry regulations.

Security employees must have periodic training, certification, and performance evaluation, and security equipment must be maintained and calibrated on schedule. Ensuring that all tasks are completed and records are up-to-date can be daunting. Our all-in-one compliance management system will enable you to keep all matters in hand.

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