Achieving Quality Assurance in Security Performance and Monitoring with OpeReady

Compliance management ensures that an organisation follows the rules and regulations applicable to its operations. OpeReady helps organisations with compliance management by providing a centralised platform that allows them to define, monitor and report on their compliance requirements. OpeReady also enables organisations to create and assign tasks, workflows and checklists to ensure compliance activities are completed on time and per the established standards.

Compliance tracking measures and records the performance and progress of an organisation’s compliance activities. OpeReady helps organisations with compliance tracking by providing a dashboard that displays real-time data and analytics on their compliance status. OpeReady also generates reports and alerts that notify the organisation of any issues, gaps or risks that may affect their compliance performance. OpeReady can be integrated with other systems, such as Simfox (Security X-ray CBT) and OpSEM (Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System), to overview the organisation’s compliance status comprehensively.

Workforce readiness is the degree to which an organisation’s employees have the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform their roles effectively and efficiently. OpeReady helps organisations with workforce readiness by providing a training module that allows them to design, deliver and evaluate training programs for their employees. It provides real-time data on the operational compliance of employees and equipment and tailored reports and charts that display relevant information, such as T.I.P. and 6×6 Training.  OpeReady also assesses the employees’ competencies and qualifications and identifies any areas for improvement or development.

Employee compliance is the extent to which an organisation’s employees adhere to the rules and regulations that apply to their roles. OpeReady helps organisations with employee compliance by providing a verification module that allows them to verify their employees’ identities, credentials, and backgrounds. OpeReady also tracks the employees’ attendance, behaviour, and performance and ensures that they comply with the organisation’s policies and procedures.

Quality assurance is the process of ensuring that an organisation’s products and services meet or exceed the expectations of their customers and stakeholders. OpeReady helps organisations with quality assurance by providing a feedback module that allows them to collect, analyse and act on stakeholder feedback. OpeReady also enables organisations to conduct audits, inspections and reviews to ensure that their products and services meet the quality standards.

OpeReady is a bespoke program that assists organisations with compliance and workforce readiness in one place. Using OpeReady, organisations can improve and simplify their compliance management, tracking, workforce readiness, employee compliance and quality assurance.

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