Target industries

Our system was specifically designed for organisations where human error is critical.

Target industries

OpeReady was developed by experts coming from the aviation, air cargo, and maritime security industries with a concept of simplifying and optimising the process of planning, controlling and assessing compliance and training activities.

Target industries of OpeReady

Besides ensuring optimal compliance levels OpeReady is also analysing the accumulated information in order to improve overall performance. This is achieved by presenting the identified weak points via detailed graphs and reports allowing managers to plan remedial training accordingly. OpeReady allows you to schedule and monitor preventive maintenance, directly report faults and receive automatic alerts about exceptions.


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Aviation security

Regulators of the aviation industry emphasise the need for implementing a comprehensive training and quality assurance programme in order to maintain a high standard of the workforce’s performance.

OpeReady allows you to meet regulatory requirements by monitoring compliance and the qualification status of employees.

Aviation Security

Hold Baggage Screeners (HBS)
Cabin Baggage Screeners (CBS)
Cargo Screeners

Civil Aviation

Air traffic controllers
Cabin crew
Ground handling services

Regulatory bodies

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A national screener accreditation scheme can ensure consistency in screening standards across the transport security sectors.

SAMS enables regulators to carry out and manage X-ray competency and workplace assessment certification. It offers a variety of assessment tools and allows employees to check their certification status and licence expiry date at any given time.

Civil Aviation Authority
Department for Transport
Transport Security Administration
Aviation and Maritime Security

Emergency services

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Emergency services

OpeReady assists managers of emergency services to implement the 2 key elements of their responsibilities:

  1. keeping staff members up to date with all training requirements and qualified at all times;
  2. managing and monitoring operational equipment with high maintenance standards.

Rescue and Fire Fighter Services (RFFS/RFS)

Maritime security

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Ships of OpeReady

Throughout the last decade security has become an important matter for merchant vessels, cruise lines and maritime infrastructure such as seaports/oil and gas offshore facilities. A key element in maritime security is the human factor.

OpeReady ensures compliance with the requirements set out in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Security officers
Security guards
Coast guards
Staff captains

Police and special forces

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Police and special forces are regularly dealing with complex situations, demanding in-depth knowledge of operational methods and special skills in using a variety of technologies.

Using OpeReady will assist in maintaining high levels of compliance and readiness of units and will ensure continuous performance improvement.

Stay compliant with OpeReady

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