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Crisis Management versus Operational Readiness

Crisis management involves preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an event that can disrupt an organisation’s viability or stability. On the other hand, operational readiness refers to the capacity to perform critical business functions and maintain services without interruption … Read More

No Ticket, No Passport, No Problem: A Journey Across the Atlantic 

Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava is a Russian citizen who allegedly boarded a flight from Copenhagen to New York without a passport or a ticket in November 2023, which raises serious questions about the security measures at airports and airlines. How did … Read More

Training and Exercise Planning: Enhancing Security Readiness with OpeReady Systems

Practical and effective training and exercise planning play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of airports and maritime industries, which are susceptible to various potential threats ranging from natural disasters to security breaches. A well-structured program is … Read More

The Importance of Training Assessments in Modern Security

Assessing the training of security personnel is a critical aspect of the security industry. It ensures that security staff are competent, qualified, and ready to effectively and safely perform their duties, given the unique demands and risks associated with safeguarding … Read More

KPIs: Not Just Numbers on a Spreadsheet

Training programs for airport and maritime security are crucial in equipping personnel to safeguard against various security threats and risks. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics organisations use to evaluate performance and measure progress towards specific goals and objectives. … Read More

Training ROI (Return on Investment) and Its Worth

Measuring the benefits a company gains from its investment in training is known as Training ROI (Return on Investment). It involves comparing the cost of training with the resulting benefit in improved performance, productivity, sales, customer satisfaction or any other … Read More

Your Operational Readiness Plan

Preparing an Operational Readiness Plan (ORP) for security operations is crucial to ensure that a security system or process functions effectively and securely. This document outlines the steps and procedures to ensure that the security system or methodology is fully … Read More

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data analytics and reporting are essential for measuring and enhancing operational readiness performance. Operational readiness refers to an organisation’s ability to deliver its products or services efficiently and effectively while meeting customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations and needs. Data analytics and … Read More

Are Quality Assurance Programs necessary?

Efficient and effective security operations in airports and maritime facilities rely on quality assurance programs, which consist of processes, protocols, and standards that guarantee consistent performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Regulatory Compliance: Airport and maritime security operations are subject … Read More

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Into the Breach

Airport security is a vital aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. However, as the recent security breaches at airports have shown, gaps and vulnerabilities can still be exploited. While no statistics are available, it is reasonable … Read More