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Harbouring Innovation: Creative Approaches to Maritime Training

In the maritime industry’s dynamic and unpredictable environment, the importance of rigorous training and exercise planning for safety and security cannot be overstated. Cruise ships encapsulate a complex ecosystem where thousands of individuals coexist in a confined space, traversing international … Read More

Achieving Quality Assurance in Security Performance and Monitoring with OpeReady

Compliance management ensures that an organisation follows the rules and regulations applicable to its operations. OpeReady helps organisations with compliance management by providing a centralised platform that allows them to define, monitor and report on their compliance requirements. OpeReady also … Read More

Staying on Course: Importance of Compliance Tracking

Compliance management in aviation and maritime security operations faces several challenges that can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of these critical sectors. One primary challenge is the ever-evolving nature of international regulations and standards, which requires constant vigilance and adaptability … Read More

Critical Perspectives on Security Checkpoint Efficiency Monitoring

Ensuring strong security in aviation or maritime settings is a challenging task. One of the ways to achieve this is by monitoring the efficiency of the security screening checkpoints. These checkpoints are crucial as they prevent prohibited items such as … Read More

Industry Compliance and Regulatory Readiness

Ensuring compliance is a vital concern for organisations across a range of industries. Compliance involves conforming to the rules and regulations that govern an organisation’s activities and operations. These regulations may originate from different sources, such as government agencies, industry … Read More

Challenges and Opportunities of Security Management Systems for Aviation and Maritime Operations

In today’s complex and interconnected world, the aviation and maritime industries face unprecedented challenges that necessitate the implementation of robust Security Management Systems (SeMS). These sectors play a critical role in global trade and transportation, making them potential targets for … Read More

Navigating Compliance Challenges with Opeready

In today’s regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance is a fundamental concern for organisations spanning diverse industries. Compliance entails adhering to rules and regulations governing an organisation’s activities, originating from governmental bodies, industry associations, or international standards. Beyond a legal obligation, compliance … Read More

Crisis Management versus Operational Readiness

Crisis management involves preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an event that can disrupt an organisation’s viability or stability. On the other hand, operational readiness refers to the capacity to perform critical business functions and maintain services without interruption … Read More

No Ticket, No Passport, No Problem: A Journey Across the Atlantic 

Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava is a Russian citizen who allegedly boarded a flight from Copenhagen to New York without a passport or a ticket in November 2023, which raises serious questions about the security measures at airports and airlines. How did … Read More

Training and Exercise Planning: Enhancing Security Readiness with OpeReady Systems

Practical and effective training and exercise planning play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of airports and maritime industries, which are susceptible to various potential threats ranging from natural disasters to security breaches. A well-structured program is … Read More