The all-in-one compliance software for the security, safety and emergency industries

Compliance is crucial in the security, safety and emergency industries. OpeReady simplifies the process of managing employee performance, checkpoint efficiency and on the job trainings.



Monitors and manages compliance of employees & equipment


Improve screening efficiency at aviation and customs checkpoints.


An advanced screener certification platform for government and regulators in the transport security industry.

Manage employee and equipment compliance within security organisations and emergency services

Reduce errors by identifying performance weaknesses with our all-in-one compliance software. OpeReady helps you plan and implement your training programme and automatically stores and analyses operational performance data.The system also keeps track of preventative maintenance and repairs of operational equipment.

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Real time automatic alerts about failures

Whenever there is an indication of low performance or delay in carrying out compliance tasks, automatic detailed email alerts will be sent to the relevant managers.

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Automatic data input

Various training and compliance tasks can be automatically recorded in each individual’s personal file, saving time and minimising errors.

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Analysing and displaying a large amount of data

An innovative graphic display enabling to analyse, compare and conclude lessons about needed remedial actions to improve performance.


Managing preventive maintenance operation

OpeReady monitors an unlimited number of assets from personal protective equipment through major capital assets, like X-ray machines, firefighting equipment, etc. With the capability to send automatic alerts regarding delays, faults and outstanding maintenance tasks.

What our customers say

“Opeaready has been a software that has really made our life easier as it recalls courses and pending tasks for each employee, doing it another way would be way too complicated. On the other hand, it helps us to keep our databases digitally updated without the conflict and waste of time and the risk of being lost within mountains of paper.”

ASUR Aeropuerto de Sureste
(Cancun International Airport)
“OpeReady has been pivotal in keeping our training and compliance records up to date. Being web based makes sure that there is ease of access. Compiling reports and scheduling tasks have never been easier on a group or individual basis. Consistent monitoring of KPI’s and the management of personnel can be maintained effectively and efficiently. We have found OpeReady to be very adaptable to our own requirements and have commissioned bespoke elements that compliments the system and our needs. Straight forward uploading of data from other systems such as TIP and CBT data provides all round information at a glance.”

LLA- London Luton Airport
London Luton Airport
“OpeReady software is an excellent database program where client stores their employee's data and files in one central storage place. The features like non-compliance alert through email, screeners TIP and X-ray CBT data management, read and sign an acknowledgment, and assets management within the security department. It is very helpful in compliance as we receive non-compliance alerts for employees for their regular training as per the requirements.”

DHL Bahrain

Improve safety performance

Automated compliance monitoring ensures that you never miss a deadline.

Stay up-to-date

Customised real-time reporting and alerts help you to stay focused.

Improve passenger experience

Well trained screeners operate checkpoints smoother and faster.

Stay compliant with OpeReady

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